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Brand: Zambaldo

Handcrafted pralines made with lavender from the Pernigo farm


Vialone Nano is a medium rice rich in starch. Typical of Veneto and the province of Mantua, it is a unique regional variety for risotto.

Brand: N/A

A base d’olio extravergine d’oliva, conferisce alla pelle morbidezza ed elasticità. La saponetta è rivestita di uno strato di lana cardata per incrementare l’azione pulente ed esfoliante grazie alla leggera ruvidezza e alla lanolina contenuta naturalmente nella lana, che rende la pelle liscia e setosa. Evitare il contatto con gli occhi.

Senza EDTA e parabeni.

Formato: 120gr

Brand: N/A

The anist freshness of the finnocchio seeds, the warm and slightly citrusy scent of the thyme and the intense and pungent flavor of the tarragon give the sea salt the ideal note to enhance fish dishes and why not an excellent combination with eggs.

Format: 150gr


The A Casa di Elsa line is a tribute to the memory of Nonna Elsa's special way of cooking. A range of top quality rice, carefully selected and processed to guarantee prestigious results. A – amber: the nuance of this excellent Vialone Nano rice

Brand: N/A

The lavender flowers, picked fresh in the height of their balsamic time, constitute the heart of the essence that is enclosed and stored in these bags. Excellent as a fragrance for drawers and wardrobes or even simply to keep with you as an aromatherapy. 

Format: 10gr

Brand: N/A

The warm and enveloping aroma of rosemary (var. Barbecue) combined with the aromaticity of marjoram, savory and sage give the sea salt their ideal Mediterranean notes combined with meat dishes.

Format: 150gr

Brand: N/A

Perfumed essential oil with Lavender, obtained by distillation from fresh vegetable material from organic cultivation and from only the balsamic portion selected by hand, flower by flower. Its pleasant fragrance is very useful for relaxation and to fall asleep peacefully.

Format: 10ml

Brand: N/A

The salt meets the warm and condensed notes of rosemary and the fresh note of mallow flowers, in a harmony of flavors where the petal and the leaf are granted in a perfect balance of shapes.

Format: 150gr



Corvina 70%, Corvinone 20%, the remaining 10% Oseleta, Spigamonte, Corbina, Turchetta.

Production area

Municipality of Romagnano in Valpolicella Valpantena. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 300-600 meters above sea level. with south, south-west exposure. Soil of medium calcareous texture with good presence of skeleton (stones and rocks).


Long rice of Italian origin and production also known as the King of Italian Rices. Carnaroli is a rice rich in amylose and demonstrates exceptional cooking resistance thanks to its ability to absorb liquids and release little starch. Shape: Its grain is very long, tapered and pearly. Pairings: Suitable for creamy risottos, original side dishes and tasty salads. Cooking times: 14-16 minutes.

Brand: N/A

Sapone naturale emolliente e lenitivo, particolarmente indicato per pelli delicate. Lavorato a mano, a base di olio extravergine di oliva, arricchito con miele (100% biologico).

Adatto a pelli miste e delicate, sai del corpo che del viso. Evitare il contorno occhi.

Senza EDTA e parabeni.

Formato: 100gr

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