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Discover the colection of our extra virgin olive oils.


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Olive grove

The flavor is born here

Our Musella estate has 3,300 olive trees grown organically (in conversion) and with intelligent irrigation to obtain the best olives.

focus olive grove

When choosing an oil carefully consider the origin of the olives

There are territories that are more valuable than others that are recognized for the quality of the products grown there (PDO), guaranteed by strict traceability rules, to protect and guarantee the consumer. Furthermore, it is equally important that the olive groves are managed, cared for and controlled directly by those who produce, guaranteeing the supervision of the entire supply chain.


It selects here

For the products of nature the element of time is fundamental and for olive oil it is even more so. The choice of the moment of harvesting of the olives is a very important element to obtain a quality oil. The factors involved are many and include seasonal characteristics (drought, temperatures, frosts ...) and crop varieties (cultivàr, i.e. the various types of olives) and the desired quality.

focus harvesting

When choosing an oil, inform yourself about the harvesting period and the pressing times

To obtain an oil with excellent organoleptic characteristics (perfumes and aromas) and nutraceuticals (polyphenols and other beneficial substances), it is not necessary to wait for the complete ripening of the olive (veraison) but it is necessary to identify the precise moment that allows the miller to extract the best possible oil.

When, on the other hand, you want to obtain the maximum yield of oil, the complete ripening of the fruits is expected, at the expense, however, of the quality of the oil produced which tends to be more drained in taste, without the bitter and spicy characteristics of fine oils and tends to develop greater acidity. Another fundamental element for the quality of the oil is the period between harvesting and pressing: the shorter this time, the less the fruit will oxidize and the higher the final quality. The proximity between the olive grove and the mill guarantees us very short times between harvesting and pressing, in order to be able to bring the olives in their best form to the mill.


Discover the collection of our oils

Oil mill

It is expressed here

A high quality oil is obtained starting from an excellent raw material. However, the real magic that allows you to achieve excellence takes place in the mill where, thanks to the most advanced technologies and the skilful experience of the millers, who know how to make continuous choices based on the quality of the olives and their state of ripeness.

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focus oil mill

When choosing an oil, consider whether the Frantoio is technologically advanced

Our oil mill, equipped with the most modern technologies, allows the olives to be cold pressed and protected from contact with oxygen as soon as they enter the crusher and until the process is completed. At the end of the milling process, filtration takes place which serves to separate the oil from the milling residues which, if close to the pressing, give the product a very rich taste, over time they risk degrading its quality (decreasing the polyphenols) and the taste. . Our filtration process also takes place in a controlled atmosphere and only with mechanical processes.

"The fragrant and fruity aroma of good oil is tempered by a hint of bitterness, just like life."

- Tom Mueller

Our products


Our oils and our selection of products in oil are a guarantee of quality and attention to health.

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The blending

For many it is pure technique, for others it is almost an art aimed at balancing the flavors and creating that harmony between the tastes of various cultivars and different excellent olive presses, to give life to a balanced and harmonious extra virgin olive oil. Whether it is monocultivar (i.e. oil from a single variety of olives) or multicultivar, careful blending guarantees a constant quality of the product over time to meet the different tastes of consumers.


And it get here

Each phase, from the processing of the olives to the storage of the oil and up to the bottling, takes place in a controlled atmosphere, to prevent oxidation from deteriorating the product. This guarantees the consumer as soon as he opens a bottle of our oil, to have the experience of tasting the pressed oil.

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